Fine and specialty chemicals are used in every aspect of daily life, ranging from the cosmetics we use, the food we eat, the medication we take, the clothes we wear and the cars we drive. The constant demand for product improvement and higher performance drives the requirement for innovative chemicals.

If the required intermediate or fine chemical is not available as commercial product, XENOPS Chemicals offers the development of a synthetic route to this molecule – from lab scale to industrial production. We listen to understand our client’s challenges before identifying the right solutions to meet your needs. We provide a highly efficient, flexible and straightforward way to coordinate and manage our client’s custom synthesis projects.

Our main focus is to identify the best custom manufacturer having cutting-edge R&D facilities as well as state-of-the-art pilot scale and production technology. We have built up a unique pool of manufacturers with a proven track record of high quality, timely delivery and excellent value for money.


XENOPS Chemicals undertakes customer projects for the following industries:

  • Synthesis and manufacture of fine and specialty chemicals
  • Intermediates for agrochemicals
  • Intermediates for Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates (APIs), including pharmaceutical impurities


Your development challenge is our passion

With our international network of specialists, we can identify manufacturers within a short period of time and find the most suitable outsourcing partner for your synthesis challenge. In such project the client provides an technology information package under a confidentiality agreement, or the custom manufacturer offers a completely new synthesis development from R&D to production based on in-house expertise. We aim to maintain the same source of supply from R&D to production in order to guarantee consistency and continuity of supply.


XENOPS Chemicals development and custom manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Evaluation and route screening for early phase or potential projects (feasibility studies)
  • Lab, kilo and pilot scale manufacturing – supplying milligram to kilogram quantities for process development, biological tests and clinical trials
  • Development and optimization of chemical processes
  • Commercial manufacturing for product launch and in-market supply
  • Analytical and testing services including identification of impurities
  • Quality assurance and quality control

Your custom manufacturing project’s success is our priority. Our experienced team is here to deliver your custom development and manufacturing projects on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards. We deliver with energy and passion – from day one.