We recognize the challenges and opportunities our clients are facing in today’s highly competitive and increasingly complex markets. Whether you are searching for specialty intermediates or rare chemicals, XENOPS Chemicals is your partner of choice for hard-to-find products. Sourcing of sophisticated molecules is our core business. Due to long-standing relationships with producers in Europe and Asia we got direct and reliable access to fine and specialty chemicals, intermediates and ready-to-use products.


When securing new products we:

  • Consider sourcing from domestic and international producers
  • Assess product quality and price
  • Identify and qualify suppliers based on business ethics, reliability and accountability
  • Arrange samples for testing and provide the required documentation
  • Conduct supplier visits, audits and due diligence


The XENOPS Chemicals sourcing team:

  • Consists of local senior experts with broad working experience in global companies – we know what our international clients expect from us
  • Has an established network to source from leading producers in markets such as Europe, China, Korea, Japan and South East Asia
  • Serves different industry segments such as coatings, agrochemicals, food ingredients, personal care, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, water treatment and rubber & plastics
  • Audits all producers according to a strict protocol
  • Provides full traceability and transparency of supply chain cost, value and risk


Our sourcing process consists of the following seven steps:

  1. Understand clients need: determine actual and potential volume; understand the application; evaluate the timeline, quality requirements and logistics
  2. Confirm sourcing potential: assessment of the supply situation and deliver first price indication to evaluate business potential
  3. Analyze supply market: screening of short-listed suppliers; perform on-site check including Health, Occupational Safety, Environment and Quality; arrange sampling, understand business strategy of potential suppliers
  4. Develop sourcing strategy: determine supplier approach; define where to purchase, considering supply and demand, while minimizing risk and costs
  5. Select supplier: set objective and prepare RFQ; negotiate price, service level, payment terms, geographical coverage, logistics;
  6. Follow-up of order: implement new supply structure; monitor suppliers production status; track delivery through the entire logistic chain
  7. Manage supplier performance: ensure continuous improvement of supplier in terms of performance, risk management and relationship

XENOPS Chemicals is the preferred sourcing partner and trusted advisor to support its clients with a full line package that gives the competitive edge.